Community program for MoneyRebel boosters
PriorityPass for a guaranteed ICO contribution with a 10 % bonus
MoneyRebel boosters that help us with referring their community to the MoneyRebel project are entitled to a reward – a chance to get a PriorityPass. It gives them the right to make an ICO contribution under more favourable conditions than they would have in a regular crowdsale - a 10% bonus and a guaranteed contribution within the first 24 hours.

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What is the job to be done?
●  Introduce and refer at least three people (who get whitelisted) to the MoneyRebel project (use the referral code on your dashboard; they have to pass the KYC successfully).

●   Introduce and recommend the MoneyRebel project by inviting at least three people into the MoneyRebel Official Telegram channel (they have to stay in the group until the end of ICO).

●   You can do either referrals or invites on Telegram, as long as the sum of both is at least three activities.

Don’t stop at number three – keep going with your referrals! The more support we get, the stronger we will become! You can go that extra mile and support us further if you:
   -  make even more referrals to join our ICO whitelist or Telegram Group – the more, the better;
   -  clap for us on Medium;
   -  welcome new community members and offer assistance on Telegram;
   -  convince a major influencer to host an AMA (ask me anything) session with us;
   -  make a constructive recommendation about our project;
   -  be creative and “invent” your own ways of supporting us;
   -  do anything else that might help enlarge the MoneyRebel community.

When showing us support with one of the methods above, don’t forget to show us what you’ve done on! 
What is the reward? A PriorityPass!
A PriorityPass is the right to make an ICO contribution under more favorable conditions than the supporters in the regular crowdsale - a 10 % bonus and a guaranteed contribution within the first 24 hours. 
MoneyRebel ICO will start on May 8th, 2018 and will be processed in four tiers as follows:

Entrance to crypto powered by AI and a marketplace of advisors
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